Monday, 24 October 2016

New standards set for air purifiers

A new national standard for air purifiers was unveiled by authorities on Friday to bring order to the country’s chaotic purifier market.
The draft national standard, which is also made available for public comment on Friday, will include more specific metrics for measuring the performance of air purifiers, including their “clean air delivery rate” and endurance, China daily reported on Saturday.
The country’s widespread air pollution problem has given rise to a booming market in home air purifiers, with total sales volume reaching 2.4 million units in 2013, the report said.
However, the market is chaotic with many producers and sellers of air purifiers exaggerating the performance of products and deliberately misleading consumers during promotions, the report said, citing the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce.
According to a spot check on 20china air purifiers by the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in December, only the products of three companies reached their advertised effectiveness or indicated the space in which they would function effectively, according to the report.
The new draft proposes detailed requirements for the labeling of air purifiers. Producers must mark clearly on the product label both the service life and the volume of space for which it can provide effective filtering.
The draft standard includes performance data for both particles and formaldehyde.
The national standard on air purifiers, enacted in 2002 and last revised in 2008, has failed to keep up with the expectations of the public, the report said, citing Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision Center.
“The previous national standard on indoor air cleaners did not take into consideration the need for consumers to filter PM2.5 or increased frequency of use,” he said.
PM2.5, particles under 2.5 microns in diameter, is a key indicator of air pollution in China. High density of PM2.5 has also become a major cause to smoggy air conditions that plague many regions in the country in recent years.

Air Purifier Bike

Air Purifier Bike 空气净化器自行车
Recently, a website published 2013 annual consumption China keywords. Among them, the “haze” on the list. The data show that the national Amoy friends against the haze of a spent 870 million yuan. Masks,home air purifiers, indoor treadmills and other goods were bought 4 million 500 thousand times. The haze from the north to the south of the way that the diffusion. One weekend I call Shenzhen buddy ride together, he was relentlessly rejected — recently is haze, I got respiratory uncomfortable, you don’t go out for it.
This is ironic, sports has become unhealthy things. In my anguish, this Air-Purifier bike comforting my heart. The front is equipped with an electric air purifier, air purifier riding, by inhalation, the pollutants (including dust particles) can be filtered. Out, is the filtered clean air. If you think this is all that is completely mistaken, Air-Purifier bike has a “photosynthesis bike” alias, tripod body through the photoelectric effect to convert sunlight to electricity, start the operation of the fuel cell body, thereby generating oxygen even. When not in use, it is also capable of air purifier and oxygen production machine.
However, want to see Air-Purifier bike and Mami difficult, because it is still in the conceptual stage.China air purifier bike creative director also admitted it, there are still a lot of unknowns, they have only one kind of model, but they will make a prototype to prove the feasibility of this idea. With it German red dot design award, who can say that dreams come true one day be far behind?
Air Purifier Bike 空气净化器自行车

One-quarter of air purifiers fall short of quality standard

One-quarter of air purifiers sold on the domestic market are substandard, an inspection by China’s top quality authority showed.
The inspection, conducted in the first half of this year, found 15 of the 61 batches of products were substandard, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
Baoding East Railway Station is seen in Baoding, north China's Hebei Province, Oct. 19, 2016. A yellow alert for air pollution was issued on Wednesday in Hebei Province. (Xinhua/Wang Xiao)
This is the first time that the administration has organized a national quality inspection aimed at home air purifiers, and the inspection covered most well-known air purifier brands available in China, said Zhang Wenbing, chief for quality supervision at the administration.
The inspection covered nearly 20 percent of China’s air purifier producers, and of the models by big enterprises, 90 percent were up to standard, much higher than average, according to the administration.
No products by big brands such as Honeywell, Samsung and Midea were found to be substandard.
However, purifiers made by Chinese firms Guangdong Jingba Technology Co. and Shanghai Xinsong Electronics Co. were found to be substandard, due to respective issues of failing to remove methanol and failing noise standards.
“Results of the inspection can provide the basis for consumers to choose air purifiers,” said Song Guangsheng, director of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Indoor Environment and Environmental Products.
With increasing demand for purifiers in recent years, the number of producers has also risen, but many purifiers on the market may not work as well as advertised, he said.
“Many china air purifier brands claim to be able to remove methanol, but in fact, few of them are able to do so,” Song said.
In the first half of the year, 4.5 million air purifiers were sold in China, 58 percent more than the same period last year, according to media reports.
Zhang Xiao, an inspector at the National Quality Inspection Center for Household Electrical Appliances, said China has strict quality standards for air purifiers, and some key indexes include noise level, capacity to remove pollutants and purifiers‘ toxic emissions.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Olansi is offering different types of advanced air purifier at reasonable prices

Summary: Olansi is a specialized manufacturer of wide range of airpurifiers to improve the quality of indoor air. It also offers latest water purifiers and hydrogen water makers.
Press Release
China, 17th October, 2016: Air purifying machines play a vital role in filtering out harmful bacteria, dust and dirt particles to make the indoor air suitable for healthy breathing. There are many agencies that are specialized in manufacturing air purifiers based on latest technology. Olansi is one such company that offers top grade air purifiers at competitive prices. The company has its own advanced manufacturing unit where the Research and Development teams in collaboration with the group of experienced engineers offer the best eco-friendly and energy efficient products to consumers. All its air purifying devices arrive with innovative designs, stylish and appealing packages combined with flawless engineering techniques to filer out latest traces of harmful components from indoor air.
The agency has brought out varieties of home air purifier that normally helps in removing unpleasant odors of tobacco smoke, pet smell, beverage etc. These purifiers can eliminate mold, dust, allergy and pollen as well as germs, virus and bacteria. These machines feature an auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator. These are loaded with ultra-quite DC motor with low electricity consumption and 3000 hours of life time. These machines ensure constant flow of clean fresh air inside the room to offer better sleeping experience and improve human immunity. These purifying machines are ideal for those homes where people are suffering from cardio-respiratory health problems. Through installing such machine, it is possible to facilitate the flow of fresh air inside lungs, heart and brain.
The room air purifier models of this company comprise of advanced HVAC filters to prevent the entry of harmful airborne particles inside the room and to deliver air in a dispersed manner at a relatively slow rate. These filters arrive in various MERV ratings to effectively check the flow of harmful components of indoor air. These filters are usually made of a flat, pleated sheet composed of millions of microscopic fiberglass threads to form a complex maze for trapping airborne particles. The company pays extreme attention to details while manufacturing such air purifying devices especially for indoor rooms.
Its whole house air purifier models are capable of reducing the concentration of ozone through the use of top quality carbon filters. Apart from capturing ozone, these filters are quite efficient in removing odors of cooking smoke and that of burning tobacco products like cigarettes. The company normally accepts payment through PayPal and other secured means of transaction. It uses fastest shipping options of TNT, DHL and others to deliver products within fixed period.
About Olansi
Olansi is a specialized manufacture of china air purifiers, water purifiers and other related products. All its products are based on current international standards. To know more, customers can visit the website of this Chinese company.

Person: Carlos Lee
Company: Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Add: Gaosha industrial zone,zhongcun,panyu district,guangzhou,china
Tel: 86-20-86000438

Friday, 14 October 2016

Home air purifier:Parents push schools to install air purifiers

With Shanghai suffering one of its worst bouts of pollution, concerned parents, worried about their children’s health, are urging schools to install air purifiers in classrooms.
Parents said the purifiers are necessary after Shanghai’s pollution hit a record high with both the air quality index and PM2.5 density soaring to new highs .
Weihai and Fortune kindergartens, Soong Ching Ling School and Shanghai United International School have already installed home air purifiers in some of their classrooms.
Jiang Yayun, the mother of a two-year-old child, said her daughter has been coughing for two months and doctors had told her it was due to pollution.
Jiang and other parents with similar problems then approached the principal of Fortune Kindergarten and urged the school to buy china air purifiers, which they think is better than having doing nothing at all.
“Not many of us know how the air purifier works and if they can really improve the environment,” the principal, surnamed Tong, said. “But I think installing air purifier is necessary since hazy days are no longer occasional in Shanghai.”
Tong said parents were very anxious about their children’s health.
The school installed purifiers in some classrooms.

Air purifier sales boom amid China’s pollution

If you currently live in China, and especially in one of its larger cities like Beijing or Shanghai, you are surely well-acquainted with the recent wave of pollution that eerily envelopes the tallest of buildings, often making it difficult to see even a kilometer in the distance. Although I can remember looking out over the Bund from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in 2007 and seeing the city slowly disappear in front of me, the recent photos coming out of China are even more alarming.
Recent smog readings on the air quality index in Shanghai have gone as high as 450+, with some lower readings in the high 100s, though a “warning to stay indoors is triggered any time the index exceeds 200.” 300 is considered “serious pollution .” This has led many school children to be kept at home and has at least one eldery citizen carrying a 15 kilogram air purifieraround with her wherever she goes. Indeed, from face masks to air filters to just staying indoors, everyone is trying to at least lessen their exposure to the air around them.
As one can imagine, this has also caused a recent surge in the number and variety of air purification systems being sold. Searches for air purifiers on Taobao, China’s largest online commerce site, have increased 513% for the week ending Dec. 10 compared to the preceding seven days, with a 1431.20% increase when compared to the same time period in the previous year. Actual sales of home air purifiers increased 267.50% over the same seven-day period, with a 1264.40% increase over the same period the year before.
Guangzhou Olansi air purifier( manufacturer is the biggest china air purifier producer in south of china.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What to Look for When Shopping for an Air Purifier

A lot of people worry about the air they breathe. With all of the cars on the road and factories spewing out toxins, air pollution is pretty bad. What a lot of people don’t realize is that indoor air pollution can be even worse than the pollution outside.
Indoors we have to deal with things like dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, volatile organic compounds, fumes from cleaning products and other household chemicals, the list goes on and on. Some of the things floating around in the air inside your home can trigger allergic reactions, and some things can actually make you very sick.
Because indoor air pollution is such a big problem, buying a good home air purifier would be a wise investment and on this page we’re going to tell you what you should look for when shopping for an air purifier
At Guangzhou Olansi, we’re well aware of the detrimental effects of air pollutants on our health, especially fine particulates.
In order to help curb those negative side effects of being exposed to unfit air quality, we’ve done extensive research on high-grade filtration and in turn, provide our buyers with the best air purifier filters in the world.
Our doctor-approved  Home Air Purifiers( offer True HEPA filtration that removes 99.97% of the tiniest of particles from the air – limiting most harmful particles over 0.3 microns, while several competitors only remove less harmful particles.
If you live in areas with poor air quality levels or high frequencies of airborne allergens, consider a doctor-approved Olansi Air Purifier ( limit the chances of stroke or other health issues for you and your family.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The world’s largest air purifier is turning Beijing’s dirty air into diamonds

As smog season starts to hit China, Studio Roosegaarde, a design team led by award-winning Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, unveiled their pollution-fighting Smog Free Tower in Beijing last Thursday.
According to the press release, at 7 meters in height, the Smog Free Tower is the largest home air purifier in the world — and it’s mobile! Meaning that it can help to clean up other cities if it ever runs out of smog to eat in Beijing.Reuters reports that the tower sucks in 75% of the particles in the nearby air that are dangerous to humans, and then spits back out clean air into the surrounding space.
According to the press release, at 7 meters in height, the Smog Free Tower is the largest air purifier in the world — and it’s mobile! Meaning that it can help to clean up other cities if it ever runs out of smog to eat in Beijing.Reuters reports that the tower sucks in 75% of the particles in the nearby air that are dangerous to humans, and then spits back out clean air into the surrounding space.
Guangzhou olansi air purifier manufacturer( is the largest air purifier manufacturer in guangzhou,and with TOP 10 air purifier brand in china too.

The classroom should be installed air purifier cited hot

As schools in Beijing and other parts of northeastern China suspend classes because of the red alert over air pollution, many parents are demanding that home air purifier should be installed for the students.
With major pollution days becoming more frequent, students are staying home, often without supervision. Their parents say it would be better if their children were in the classroom, and that’s why schools need to install air purifiers.
“Our school bought air filters last year. We did a little fund raising, with each parent throwing in several hundred for that. We’ve already bought two air cleaners for the class, both of which are installed.”

Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufactuer(,we warmly suggest the schools in china to install the good air purifiers to protect our children.