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Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman

Hydrogen rich water machine electrolysis hydrogen rich water, drink good looking woman
That woman is made of water, one is all right, not only the woman is made of water, all the people around the world are made of water, the human body is 70% water, so that all human beings are made of water. Every human blood and water kept in circulation, but also because there these cycles, we can healthy life every minute, a cycle if there are no people, on behalf of the people has died.
A good skin must be a woman, love to drink water and eat the fruit of the woman, this is absolute, one day need 2000ml normal water, and must supplement the body of vitamin C and vitamin E, if the woman’s skin yellow, dry smell of urine, wrinkles, very obvious symptom is the main reason of premature senescence is the body of excessive free radicals, The new supersedes the old. problems, normal channel size and is The new supersedes the old. human sweat three channels, of course, women are more channels in each month is menstruation, imagine a woman sitting in the office every day, open air conditioning, no sweat, no drink. Coupled with the physiological cycle is not on time, this woman is not a healthy woman, at most is also a healthy woman, a lot of people body produce excessive free radicals, which cause the symptoms caused by all don’t know, in the end It is a serious problem that we realize that we know too little.
Hydrogen rich cup of water in Guangzhou city in water science and Technology Co Ltd (produced water in the cup) electrolytic hydrogen rich water, 2000ml every day, persist for three months, can effectively remove free radicals, plus with fruit, the amount of every woman premature wrinkles, symptoms will soon be eased, the skin will be wake up, restore vitality, so that every woman should know their physical condition and the surrounding environment, free radical increases with the pollution of the surrounding environment, so that premature aging and premature wrinkles of the upper part of the body, a woman had just given birth to look older than 10 years old, these are free to baseband the results of 2000ml every day from the hydrogen rich electrolytic hydrogen rich water to drink water, remove free radicals, beautiful and healthy, make your skin from the back to the young state, this is the dream of every woman the young secret is actually very simple, drink Water, drink plenty of hydrogen rich water.
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hydrogen water maker,bottle,generator and machine

Summary: Olansi is a specialized manufacturer of wide range of airpurifiers to improve the quality of indoor air. It also offers latest water purifiers and hydrogen water makers.
Press Release
China, 17th October, 2016: Air purifying machines play a vital role in filtering out harmful bacteria, dust and dirt particles to make the indoor air suitable for healthy breathing. There are many agencies that are specialized in manufacturing air purifiers based on latest technology. Olansi is one such company that offers top grade air purifiers at competitive prices. The company has its own advanced manufacturing unit where the Research and Development teams in collaboration with the group of experienced engineers offer the best eco-friendly and energy efficient products to consumers. All its air purifying devices arrive with innovative designs, stylish and appealing packages combined with flawless engineering techniques to filer out latest traces of harmful components from indoor air.
The agency has brought out varieties of home air purifier that normally helps in removing unpleasant odors of tobacco smoke, pet smell, beverage etc. These purifiers can eliminate mold, dust, allergy and pollen as well as germs, virus and bacteria. These machines feature an auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator. These are loaded with ultra-quite DC motor with low electricity consumption and 3000 hours of life time. These machines ensure constant flow of clean fresh air inside the room to offer better sleeping experience and improve human immunity. These purifying machines are ideal for those homes where people are suffering from cardio-respiratory health problems. Through installing such machine, it is possible to facilitate the flow of fresh air inside lungs, heart and brain.
The room air purifier models of this company comprise of advanced HVAC filters to prevent the entry of harmful airborne particles inside the room and to deliver air in a dispersed manner at a relatively slow rate. These filters arrive in various MERV ratings to effectively check the flow of harmful components of indoor air. These filters are usually made of a flat, pleated sheet composed of millions of microscopic fiberglass threads to form a complex maze for trapping airborne particles. The company pays extreme attention to details while manufacturing such air purifying devices especially for indoor rooms.
Its whole house air purifier models are capable of reducing the concentration of ozone through the use of top quality carbon filters. Apart from capturing ozone, these filters are quite efficient in removing odors of cooking smoke and that of burning tobacco products like cigarettes. The company normally accepts payment through PayPal and other secured means of transaction. It uses fastest shipping options of TNT, DHL and others to deliver products within fixed period.
About Olansi
URL Address:
Olansi is a specialized manufacture of china air purifiers, water purifiers and other related products. All its products are based on current international standards. To know more, customers can visit the website of this Chinese company.

Person: Carlos Lee
Company: Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd
Add: Gaosha industrial zone,zhongcun,panyu district,guangzhou,china
Tel: 86-20-86000438
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How to choose a suitable air purifier?

1: filter purification method is more suitable for
The main filter and electrostatic. The main difference is that the former is the need to replace HEPA (HEPA filter), the latter does not require frequent cleaning, but the static dust collecting part. The filter type air purifier is currently on the market the most common products, it was magic weapon is safe and efficient. It is decided by its working principle. The filtering type air purifier using filter type. Because of the only physical purification of physical purification through filtration, the purified air will have little side effects on the human body, therefore is a safe method.
It is effective, because the various types of pollution, filtering type air purifier will adopt different coping methods, for example, pre filter can filter out larger dust particles, etc.; activated carbon filter can filter out VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful gases and odors; filter is HEPA can filter out the virus, bacteria, fungal spores and so on, in order to achieve the “healthy air” effect.
2:CADR value is the key
At present our country consumer cognition for the air purifier, can be summarized as “high concern. Many consumers know little” or even “CADR value” is what is not clear, on the rush to buy air purifiers. CADR is the United States and Chinese recognized air purifier purification performance index, the same test environment, they can be used to express and comparison of air purifiers.
The CADR value of clean air output ratio, which represents the unit of time can purify the air volume, is a very objective measure of purifying ability. Numerical and high CADR value of the product, is the best measure of the effectiveness of air purifier qualified. For CADR, we need in-depth study, only know the value of CADR higher performance is better.
3.HEPA filter determines good air
The choice of the purifier should look at the HEPA screen, the best go to the mall to compare the material, workmanship and thickness. In simple terms, the thicker the better purification effect of PM2.5 HEPA screen resolution. More simple, can be compared according to the level of HEPA, currently on the market of ordinary air purifier, is used in H10, the H9 level of HEPA network, the air purifier brand high-end part, using the H12 level of HEPA network, a handful of high-end air purifiers with H13 level HEPA network, the PM2.5 disposable purification efficiency reached above 99.9%, the filtering effect is excellent.
4.Four listen: noise value is not big
In general, the noise in the normal environment at 40-70 DB noise, we do not want to hear, especially in the evening to sleep, if up to 60-70 DB noise, it will have a great impact

What kind of water can be electrolyzed by hydrogen water maker

How to use the hydrogen rich water, a related operation, on the other hand relates to what electrolysis problem. There are consumers ask: water in the cup of mineral water electrolysis? Generally speaking, you usually drink water, water cup can be in electrolysis, except for some special water, like boiled water. Mineral water, bottled water can be used to electrolysis.
In addition to boiling water, mineral water, bottled water outside the “water” with caution, generally speaking, tap water is not used, because of residual chlorine in tap water, after electrolysis will produce harmful things. Boil the tap water, most of the residual chlorine are volatilized, and tap water to boil, put down to the water hardness.
When the factory inspection, will use some of the more standard water testing, such as boiling water, mineral water, general water bottled water. The formal standard of good. In addition, prohibited electrolytic beverage, fruit juice etc. in addition to anything outside of the drinking water.
The pure water bottled water is the most common type of market, natural spring water, mineral water, snow melt water and other types of pure water electrolysis. The effect of natural spring water, mineral water rich in minerals, beneficial to human body, but not a lot of patients with kidney stones, long-term drinking.

Innovative achievements of the future – founder of air purifier Olansi

First we see the air purifier consumer groups, this is a group of more emphasis on the quality of life of groups, and most have entered the workforce, even his own family. A life of this background so that they will give more consideration to the product performance index in the purchase of air purifiers, personal settings and consolidated the supporting services. To select the air purifier, can more clearly see the air purifier which brand is good.
The main air purifiers are now equipped with HEPA filtering technology, the pollen, dust, soot, PM2.5, filtering effect of mold and other substances tested are also very good, consumers can start from this technology, combination type air purifier.Olansi air purifier adopt the composite multiple filter structure, can be decomposed into water allergens two, the complete elimination of the pollution.
home air purifier, in addition to ensure product performance scores, should also give full consideration to the use of the machine such as family environment. Parents need to prevent the misuse of children, the elderly family needs the operation is simple and easy to understand, and to understand the technology more people may love intelligent control, these are an air purifier must be considered in the family into things. In this regard, Olansi air purifier do fairly well
Compared with other ordinary brand air purifier, air purifier Olansi increased when the machine lock function, 30 degree tilt or by contacting the children, they will automatically cut off the power supply immediately, to avoid the risk of child accidental touch caused. Large size LED display touch control buttons, simple and clear, full consideration of the operation of the elders habits. A variety of smart settings, intelligent control intelligent control technology to meet the demand perfectly. It can be said that the Olansi air purifier has basically met the requirements of all family members, humanized configuration of outstanding performance.
Of course, the air purifier is a need for continued maintenance of products, the customer service system for enterprises is very high, if the customer service system is not perfect, consumers are likely to lose the trust products of.Olansi air purifier to build a service system of EU standards, perfect and fine each service link, the customer service issues made it consumers satisfaction, is the rare China Air Purifier brand

Hydrogen Water Maker Contains Hydrogen, Will Not Explode ?

First, what is hydrogen water?
Hydrogen water is hydrogen containing water, also known as the hydrogen rich water. In Japan and South Korea, hydrogen is not the word, according to the literal meaning of the translation of hydrogen for water, so water hydrogen is called the water in water. Water is a compound composed of two kinds of hydrogen and oxygen, the main gas dissolved constituents from the air, so the water containing oxygen and nitrogen hydrogen. No air, no ordinary water dissolved hydrogen, hydrogen water is artificial dissolved hydrogen in the water. As we know, the gas containing water are often used as a beverage, beer and soda is dissolved in a large number of two carbon products containing hydrogen water can be understood as. The soda water carbon dioxide into hydrogen in the water. However, the water solubility is very high in carbon dioxide, water solubility of hydrogen is very small. The amount of hydrogen gas water contains much less than soda water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen saturated water atmospheric concentration Degree is about 1.6ppm

Two, how to make hydrogen water?
Production of hydrogen water commercialization requires technical conditions and equipment are good enough. In theory, making hydrogen water is not complex, can put the water into hydrogen pressure inside the tank, placed enough long time, hydrogen gas will be dissolved in water, hydrogen water make up. Tell you a little secret, water for preparing hydrogen the famous water hydrogen medical founder professor Tada Nario once in the laboratory is to use hydrogen pressure tank of ordinary injection. Also can use simple method, the hydrogen pipe directly into the water bubble blowing, the method and the fish supplemental oxygen is the same, but blowing prepared by water hydrogen hydrogen concentration is generally low. There are many other methods, such as the use of metal magnesium and water generated in the reaction of hydrogen preparation principle of metal hydride hydrogen water, such as calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydride can also produce hydrogen and water reaction, can also be used for preparing hydrogen water. But metal Magnesium and preparation of metal hydridehydrogen water containing metal ions more. By using the principle of water electrolysis can produce hydrogen gas, also can produce hydrogen containing water, electrolyzed water actually has been familiar, is a hydrogen containing water.
Three, hydrogen water containing hydrogen, will not explode?
Hydrogen is a flammable gas, not only can be an explosion, and the explosion was huge. Hydrogen is the highest molecular mass density, is in the same quality under the condition of combustion can release the most energy, it is because of this feature, in order to reduce the fuel load, the hydrogen is used in rocket fuel.
Combustion also have three elements, three elements are indispensable. The fuel combustion and ignition factors. Hydrogen is the fuel, oxygen is the accelerant, Mars is the ignition factor. The combustion of hydrogen requires the presence of oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen concentration must conform to a certain proportion, such as pure hydrogen in the absence of oxygen will not burn, nor this is the reason why there is no explosion, leakage from the high pressure cylinder of hydrogen can be stored safely. Generally, oxygen or hydrogen concentration is less than 4%, hydrogen and oxygen mixture will not burn, but will not explode. The hydrogen dissolved in the water concentration is relatively low, is not up to the burning concentration, even if the water has a high concentration of hydrogen do not burn, because the hydrogen reacts with oxygen to the ignition temperature above 500 degrees.
Four, the water contains two kinds of hydrogen and oxygen, 
The water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, the atoms are combined with intact molecules together by chemical bonds. The hydrogen in water is atomic hydrogen, which is completely different from the hydrogen molecules, hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water with hydrogen molecules are molecules of two atoms of hydrogen combine.
We can also understand the problem with oxygen example. Life need oxygen, each water molecule contains an oxygen atom, but we can’t drink water instead of through breathing, because the water is not enough oxygen for us to use. Similarly, we need the molecular state of hydrogen, water as the carrier, but the water is not hydrogen, so we must put the artificial water containing hydrogen to produce hydrogen dissolved in the water.
In fact, all organic molecules containing hydrogen atoms, but these hydrogen atoms are combined with other atoms by valence. The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are combined; glucose has 12 hydrogen atoms, and is a combination of atoms of carbon and oxygen.
Hydrogen water refers to the water dissolved in the molecular state of hydrogen water, hydrogen molecules have therapeutic effect, the purpose of drinking hydrogen water as a hydrogen carrier

2017 home air purifier and fresh air system which is good ?

Outdoor pollution is becoming more and more serious so that people are care-laden on indoor air quality, indoor air purification to become the focus of attention. At present, the main way of purifying indoor air is the air purifier and air system, what is the difference between the two? Learn
The air system is the air filter outside and then transported to the laboratory, so as to ensure the quality of the indoor air. Fresh air into the system can be realized under the condition of open indoor ventilation for 24 hours, through real-time monitoring of indoor air pollution index, automatically adjust the air volume and discharge of polluted indoor air, ensure the standard indoor hold a healthy breathing. The disadvantage is not clear the indoor air pollution from the source.
Use of the new system is a bit tedious, need on the wall holes placed into the wind, which has a good house decoration engineering is large. And the new system filters also need regular replacement and disassembly problem also needs extra attention.
The air purifier is the original indoor air purification. Through various purification technology of pollutants in the air by filtration, purification, some air purifier using negative ion generator, purification and also release a lot of negative ions, so that the air is more close to nature.
The use of air purifiers, can buy with, just have the power to. But domestic air purifier is usually small, the filter removal is more simple and convenient, the user can be regularly cleaned and replaced. In general, air purifier, convenient operation, thorough purification, more suitable for family use.
The introduction of Olansi air purifier composite filter technology, filter dust, pollen, PM2.5, dust, mold, and can be decomposed into water allergens, 0.3 micron particles disposable filtering effect can be achieved 99.99%.Olansi air purifierwith absolute advantage at the top of the list.
More intimate, Olansi air purifier first LED numerical display, can display the accurate numerical PM2.5 in the air, users can be very intuitive to see the change of indoor air quality. It is equipped with a built-in sensor, smoke dust, odor perception can effectively in the air, colorful lights can indicate the actual air quality for you: when the air quality is not ideal, the indicator light is red; when the air was fresh and clean, light will be green.
Other such as intelligent purification, child lock safety protection, mute function, clean and simple design is also quite humane, a user can meet the needs of temperature control, humidification, purification and other needs