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Six characteristics determine the role of hydrogen rich water--Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare

“The unique advantages including the biological effects of hydrogen selective oxidation, regulation of gene expression, ability and great safety rapid tissue diffusion. A lot of basic research and preliminary clinical studies show that hydrogen has a potential therapeutic value for many acute and chronic diseases, also has a role in maintaining and improving health. Medical application of hydrogen was first found by Japanese scholars and that the United States and other countries and was quickly China scholars verified. As a clinical application tool there is hope, the current medical research evidence of hydrogen has been very rich, there will be rapid development in clinical research and application. According to a recent long review, summed up the 6 characteristics of hydrogen in medicine.
1 excellent hydrogen diffusion capacity
Due to the good diffusion ability, for some blood supply is not rich, such as inner ear or selective barrier brain eye and other diseases and injuries, hydrogen has a unique advantage
2 oxidative damage is the goal of hydrogen treatment
Redox imbalance and active oxygen production increased the disease. Because of oxidative stress is the common pathophysiology of many diseases, so very many of these types of diseases. So hydrogen on oxidative injury related diseases effectively, because the free radical scavenging potential of hydrogen, especially hydrogen can selectively neutralize free radicals and does not affect the strong toxicity has the characteristics of physiological role of reactive oxygen species.
3) the scope of hydrogen treatment for the disease
Hydrogen can improve the clinical pathology of many diseases, improve the life quality of patients. The effect of hydrogen is achieved indirectly by reducing oxidative and inflammatory injury, usually this lack of treatment and drug specific, hydrogen can be for a variety of diseases associated with oxidative stress can produce effect, also means that the extensive role.

4) the flexibility of hydrogen in combination with other treatments
The outstanding advantages of hydrogen is not to interfere with other treatment methods. This feature can make the combined treatment method of hydrogen and other various. Such as hydrogen can be combined with other treatments, as reducing drug (cancer chemical and radiation therapy) treatment side effects, improve the overall effect of clinical treatment.
5) great biological safety of hydrogen
The safety of hydrogen has a very huge reliable solid evidence, this is the special advantage of hydrogen treatment, the hydrogen treatment can be used as a tentative means. An important reason for many diseases cannot be widely used is drug toxicity or serious side effects, clinical application should be considered in order to focus on clinical drug dose decision. The effect of the relationship is the fundamental reason for trying to use the minimum dose to obtain the most reliable treatment effect. Because hydrogen is very safe, can not only pay attention to consider the dose effect of treatment.
6 hydrogen treatment is simple
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, the water on the earth is widespread way of hydrogen, mankind has mastered a variety of simple acquisition of hydrogen technology, hydrogen has become a human research in-depth understanding, very easy to get gas. A large number of studies show that the hydrogen solubility in water injection and drinking, breathing or mixing a small amount to breathing gas, may have the effect of treatment of diseases, the characteristics of the simple hydrogen hydrogen potential is huge.

These characteristics of medical hydrogen, hydrogen that has a wide application prospect. In the product and use technology, only need to provide safe and effective evidence, will have great market potential. This simple and safe medicine means hydrogen bound to human health produced revolutionary influence “

Five tips to teach you to buy air purifiers--guangzhou olansi healthcare

Affected by the haze, people began to pay attention to respiratory health problems. The air purifier and anti haze masks have become the focus of attention of consumers. Although there are many departments exposed some air purifier brand unqualified, but this does not affect people buy air purifiers, just when people buy air purifier become more rational so, want to buy an air purifier, and how to choose?
Purchase according to demand
Select the air purifier according to their own housing area, if only for the bedroom or a guest room, you can choose to apply 28-40 square purifier, if you want to use the whole house, then you want to choose the appropriate 70-120 square meter purifier
The CADR value is an important parameter information of consumers, it is based on the consumers’ own small room area is large, the purchase needs to consider whether the CADR match with their room area, if not match, is not up to the purification effect. For example, if a purifier CADR is 750m3/h, if the room is high 3 meters, so the air purifier applicable area: 750 / 5 / 3=50 square meters. Note that if the home air pollutant is formaldehyde, formaldehyde CADR purifier will need to look at the value.
Look at noise and energy efficiency
If the purifier bought although a lot of noise, so what a good purification effect, in the use of experience will be greatly reduced. Especially for sleep requirements of the people, the noise may be a primary factor affecting decision-making. According to the ordinary people of the auditory response to noise, noise or interval should be 20-70dB (A) range. And the energy efficiency, energy saving products and simply is not. While the other parameters, such as numerical display, dehumidification and so on, need according to the geographical location and weather conditions and personal habits to determine, in general, purifier friendly interaction often bring a lot of convenience.
See product detail
In the choice of any product, in fact, as long as the attention to detail, you can probably master the quality of the products. As a manufacturer, will be in the  detail and production efforts, so the quality of the products must be good. So we want to select ahigh quality air purifier products, if  you do not understand in recognition technology and the performance of the case,  look at detail , is more reliable.
See filter quality
Any product, are the core things. For the air purifier, filter is his key. So we choose air purifier products, first look at the screen quality is good, whether to meet their requirements, and the filter manufacturing is to a qualified standard. So we must choose the filter quality fine workmanship and air purifier products is the most reliable. In addition, the filter replacement costs at the time of purchase also need to be considered.
Look at the industry representative brand
When choosing a product, if you do not know how to distinguish the quality, you can look at present in the industry mainstream brands. At present, the air purifier industry, we can reference from Guangzhou Olansi brand purifier products.
Note that different products have different effect on the purification of different pollutants, such as fog and haze serious area, can be used to remove air particulate purifier strong, and for those consumers new house decoration, recommend the removal of formaldehyde and other gaseous pollutants. The ability of the products can be used for a long time, the ventilation purification purifier is also associated with the habit of using cleaner can not once and for all products, the need for regular cleaning, maintenance, replacement of filters, in order to give full play to the purification effect.

Pregnant women can drink water ? the truth out !

It slowly began to spread the biological hydrogen, consumers through the mail to ask: can you water cup in pregnant women ?, pregnant women can drink hydrogen rich water ?
Hydrogen and hydrogen rich water safety
In April 28,12014, FDA approved a hydrogen water company to obtain Gras certification.GRAS called Generally Recognized asSafe, Chinese meaning is generally recognized as safe, that is according to the current human knowledge, found no such toxic and harmful substances, is safe for people.
2, FDA Gras is the certification institutions for safety of a product, the authentication data from the chemical properties of hydrogen, hydrogen absorption and release of hydrogen used in animal and human experiments in the situation, and diving human trials using hydrogen as one, systematically demonstrates the safety of hydrogen water of the people.
Is not all the hydrogen rich water, pregnant women can drink?
Hydrogen and hydrogen rich water also have quality problems, that is the question of the purity and content of harmful substances. Now on the market a lot of hydrogen rich water, according to hydrogen production methods can be divided into two categories, chemical and electrolytic, including electrolytic electrolysis. But most common electrolysis and SPE proton hydrogen oxygen separation membrane the electrolysis electrolysis, at the same time there may be residual chlorine and ozone, if a large number of drink, long drink, will drink out of the problem.
Note that the water hydrogen or hydrogen rich water is not equivalent to hydrogen, mentioned because of the different water quality, electrolytic hydrogen production method or process of Zen, hydrogen water may carry other harmful substances.

The use of hydrogen rich water in life--Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare

We can imagine, in life there are many little magical, such as the use of hydrogen rich water homemade mask, wash and so on.
1, the same as the make-up water directly onto face, especially fine lines, wrinkles, skin sores and other issues; to apply the face mask of paper soaked after 10 minutes; also can be poured into the bath bath skin rejuvenation.
2, will be mixed with water and hair conditioner, shampoo, smear, if you can steam for 10 minutes, better hair care
3, the water in water can be directly used to wash the eyes. Use the computer for a long time, wear contact lenses can cause eye dryness and fatigue, alleviate the effect of water in the water, the prevention of cataract.
4, the general burns burns can be coated with water, wound healing will be swelling itching, play a relaxation effect
5, steamed rice water, taste better, more healthy
6, brewing tea or coffee, can better distribute the fragrance, but also play a role in health care
7, the water in water soaked fruit, taste is more sweet.
8, and when the water surface water, bread, steamed bread, cakes are appropriate
9, when the water in the water soup, can boil delicious soup, can strengthen the efficacy of health care.
In addition to the above usage, in recent years, more and more Japanese pet hospitals began to use the water to treat and match the pet’s diet, the smaller the size of the animal, the effect of water faster and more obvious

How to drink hydrogen water for Patient ?

Patients can drink plenty of hydrogen rich water ?
Due to the huge safety of hydrogen, hydrogen rich water can be a large number of patients, as long as the hydrogen rich water without other harmful substances. Suggestions in patients with hydrogen rich water Olans, one is the output of the hydrogen rich water hydrogen concentration is high, the two is no chlorine and ozone.
However, the following patients should not be a large number of drinking hydrogen rich water, a large number of drinking need to consult a doctor, but like drinking water in general drink rich hydrogen water on the OK
1, severe influenza patients should not drink plenty of water
In general, the doctor will recommend flu patients drink boiling water, because cold is a viral infection or secondary bacterial infection, drink plenty of water after help increase urine volume, can indirectly to eliminate toxins from the body, especially the urinary tract infection, drink plenty of water excretion, favorable washing bladder, conducive to the recovery of the disease.
However, for individual bronchitis, severe cold patients infected with bacterial pneumonia and other virus, is not recommended to drink plenty of water. Because more water will increase the secretion of antidiuretic hormone, because it can stimulate water reabsorption from the renal collecting duct to retain liquid, if the increase when the secretion of antidiuretic hormone in the urine was given extra the liquid, it will cause excess body water, electrolyte imbalance may cause hyponatremia and liquid overload and other symptoms.
2 patients with urinary tract stones stones is large, can not automatically discharge, can not be dissolved, must undergo surgery to cure, if drinking water, urine volume increased and discharged out, it will lead to renal damage, it is not appropriate to drink.
In addition, some patients with stones, although not large, but at the same time suffering from high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, or chronic heart and lung disease, but also can not drink more water, otherwise it will cause the original disease symptoms
3, patients with heart failure, renal failure, swelling of the patient should not drink plenty of water, if you drink plenty of water will increase the severity of the disease
4, patients with high blood pressure should not drink plenty of water: Patients with high blood pressure if you drink too much water, there may be elevated blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and a series of malignant symptoms
You can have water in the cup of water charging
The water cup is in Japan as in China and hydrogen rich ups,  and other negative hydrogen term, there are three kinds of methods for hydrogen production in the domestic water in the cup, the first generation of chemically hydrogen charging, the other can usually be hydrogen charging. Coral calcium may occur after the cup but also do not need to charge.
In the initial use of water glass method
With boiling water or tap water to clean, see the instructions, you can use the manual, is quite easy to understand. If the specification is in Japanese (small series is not recommended by the Japanese Prime concentration water cup, the third generation of SPE proton exchange membrane in domestic water cup, and no residual chlorine and ozone). You should be able to recognize the charger, first put the glass charge. And then the cup up drinking water (note not tap water), you press the button on the cup, according to a 3 or 5 minutes by two hydrogen, 5 or 10 minutes of hydrogen production, the time to automatically shut down, long press may be forced shutdown.
Water can use tap water in the cup
Because of Japan’s tap water is drinkable, so use of drinking water in Chinese water in the cup, the boiling water or bottled water, bottled water and other drinks, such as cola if the juice is not used. Chinese tap water with chlorine disinfection, there may be water, chlorine and ozone in water will appear in the process of using, drink up with a smell.
Water can use hot water in the cup
The average Japanese love the cup body is made of food grade plastic, China generally put the cup body made of transparent high temperature durability safety glass with hot water. Boric acid on plastic accelerated aging effect, for the poor quality of the plastic with hot water, may precipitate BPA toxic substances. The first generation of water in water, using the method the hot water can accelerate the chemical hydrogen production, hydrogen production, other electrolytic method will also speed up the production function. But the higher the temperature, the hydrogen solubility in water is small, and the water in the water, function and effect of hydrogen water effect is hydrogen. And the third generation, hydrogen production method using SPE ion exchange membrane. No chlorine and ozone water has no effect on the function of hydrogen production, but the use of expensive membrane proton temperature highest do cannot exceed 90 degrees, the temperature is high, there is great harm to the SPE membrane life.
So in water cup can use hot water, the best and highest temperature control in 80 degrees, from the solubility of hydrogen, and the service life of the cup two considerations.
The water in question is really drink a cup
Now on the market a lot of water in the cup, in accordance with the hydrogen production methods can be divided into two categories, chemical and electrolytic, including electrolytic electrolysis. But most common electrolysis and SPE proton exchange membrane electrolytic hydrogen oxygen separation, the electrolysis at the same time there may be residual chlorine and ozone, if drinking a lot of long-term. You can drink a drink, is a problem.
Hydrogen was first proved to be a kind of anti-inflammatory substances, because hydrogen is a very safe gas, can be used for a long time, so the pathological basis of many chronic diseases such as chronic inflammation may play an important role. Many people through drinking water that hydrogen can decrease blood glucose, blood pressure and bad cholesterol, anti-inflammatory effect behind the effect the foundation may be hydrogen. Of course, selective reduction of antioxidant effect of oxidative damage also contributed.
The hydrogen or hydrogen rich water is not the same as hydrogen, which is mentioned earlier, because of the different water quality, hydrogen water may carry other harmful substances

Chinese style rigorous: Olans air purifier three standards

Aiming at the problem of air pollution more and more serious, Chinese Guangzhou Olans Co. Ltd. was founded on the special room, after years of development and adjustment, the launch of the K08A air purifier. Some people may ask, the air purifier market a wide range, the United States, Sweden, Japan and other countries have developed a good product, K08A air purifier and what is special about it?

In fact, the designer has been rigorous Olans-K08A air purifier developed three standards:
First, the filtering function
As an air purifier, air purifier is the primary function of Olans-K08A filter pollutants, both fine particles, or pathogenic microorganisms, can effectively filter the Erfei. Pu air purifier with three efficient purification design: the first design, using HEPA filter and high-quality honeycomb activated carbon filter, dust in the air and other large particles the second; design, the use of ozone in high yield, effective on air in Escherichia coli, Aspergillus were killed, decomposition of formaldehyde residues such as benzene decoration, decoration pollution and odor; third design, the air outlet of the release of more than 20 million /cm3 high concentration of negative ions in the air particulate pollution degradation.
Second, air purification process intelligent, visualization
The design idea of Olans product line is very advanced and intelligent, the whole process of air purification visualization. It is reported that, Olans-K08A air purifier at the top of the touch panel can display real-time accurate purifying effect, the indoor temperature shows at the same time, humidity and other parameters. In addition, the machine also adds intelligent light, digital display, unique intelligent operation function gently press the button, the user need only, can start intelligent operation.
The most surprising is that the Olans-K08A purifier using photosensitive induction, real-time display of air pollution and automatic operation. When the outdoor or indoor PM reached 250 PM reached 100, the air purifier will automatically open. Show severe pollution, the air purifier will automatically adjust air volume to the highest; display light pollution, air automatic transfer if a mid-range; the environment pollution has been cleared, will automatically stop running, and there is a corresponding color light, convenient for users to observe the quality of the environment, work to understand the equipment, and save unnecessary power consumption.
Third, the use of an excellent sense of experience
The design of Olans-K08A air purifier also follow the Chinese “is not a nuisance. Traditional operation is almost silent, whenever and wherever possible into” sleep mode “. Some users said, Olans-K08A air purifier running in the home, several times mistakenly closed, however, go near a look that is still running, the mute effect is particularly good finally the development trend of modern appliances, is more and more low sense of presence, Olans-K08A air purifier has been done. Although the tiny details, but highlights from the side of Chinese paranoid critical thinking.
In 2017, the company China high tech, they are proud of the rigorous philosophy, through the Olans-K08A intelligent air purifier to Chinese the Home Furnishing life. China leading air purification solutions provider – China already in the layout of products all over the world, to make their own efforts to improve the environmental quality Home Furnishing.

National air purifier industry’s first green product standard is expected to release in the second half

Beijing BEIJING, April 22 (Reporter Pan Xu Pro) 22 reporters from the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Certification Center was informed that the national air purifier industry’s first green product standard is expected in the second half of this year officially promulgated. The standard builds (GB / T18801-2015) the basis for the new national standard “air purifier“, the only clear rooms of different sizes used for the removal of PM2.5 air purifier products maximum purification indicators, noise, etc., further for the first time provides for purification of the indicator is muted products. Introduction of the standard for the majority of consumers choose the right air purifier products to provide evidence.
On that day, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Certification Center held air cleaner environmental labeling standards seminar in Beijing. Experts, business representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Environmental Certification Center of Architecture, Tsinghua Environmental Testing Center, Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Guangdong microbiological analysis of the test center, and other units of the participants and introduced the air cleaner case environmental labeling standards.
Experts said that the air purifier industry is a relatively young industry, however, a wide range of purification technology, market hot, but also a lot of problems. By the relevant authority of the department, a lot of product purification efficiency of the so-called high-performance less than advertised. Does not match the actual effect of the air purifier and being promoted, seriously affected consumer confidence in air purifier products, and even consumer products purifier doubt. According to the experimental data show that the air purifier to remove indoor pollutants has a significant effect, the key is the consumer to choose the right product according to their needs.
It is understood that the standard from product design, production, use, to final waste and recycling lifecycle control, the standard in addition to the production process requirements chosen for electrical and electronic products pollution control requirements of the raw material, but also on the process of using purification indicators PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor air pollutants in major indicators proposed strict requirements. Not only unified detection method related indicators, while clearly applicable according to different areas of the room to determine PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor air pollutants in major amount of clean air (CADR) requirements. Taking into account that consumers use air purifier, in addition to focus on the strongest product purification mode, also searched for purification sleep mode, therefore, the standard is not only concerned the maximum CADR value of the product, but also for products in the mute state CADR values ​​proposed strict limits.

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Guangzhou Olansi air purifier factory from china and
Guangzhou Olansi Air Purifier Manufactuer is a professional chinese air purifier air cleaner air filter factory with true hepa air purifier,negative ion home air purifier,mini car air purifier,Active carbon and photocatalyst filter nano air purifier,Ionizer air purifier,Room Air Purifier and so on for PM2.5 removal,pollen and dust removal,Cigarette smoke removal,Formaldehyde and benzene removal,Bacterial removal and so on.

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Olansi Introduces Hydrogen Water Machine for Producing Hydrogen Rich Healthy Water for Human Consumption

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd is the China based professional manufacturer of air purifier, hydrogen water generator that supplies hydrogen water machines, allowing people to take care of their health by consuming hydrogen rich water.

Guangzhou, China, February 6, 2017 – For people who are concerned of impurities found in the potable water, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd has now introduced the hydrogen water machines to make hydrogen enriched drinking water. The machine helps producing water that is safe and healthy for drinking.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the hydrogen water generator they produce uses a patented technology of eletrolyzation. Because of the process of electrolysis, a large amount of hydrogen is produced, which is healthier for humans. It has been proved that hydrogen has an antioxidant effect on the human body and by drinking hydrogen rich water one can enjoy several kinds of health benefits. The hydrogen rich water can improve the digestion process, improve the sleeping, reduce blood pressure and can also delay aging.

People who want to maintain their youthfulness should think about drinking hydrogen enriched water, and can take help of the hydrogen water maker that Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd produces. The water maker visualizes the electrolysis process and has a touch control for shutting down the process. The water maker features a high strength plastic that is environment friendly and free from toxins. The bottle body is made of Eastman Tritan plastic that has a high temperature resistance and also makes it easy to clean.

The company has designed the hydrogen water machine that helps in the detoxification and improves the overall health. It also betters the taste of the water and one can consume more water to witness more health benefits. The water machine is lightweight, compact in size and easily portable from one place to another. Available in transparent color, one can see the water quality, and the bottle is made of food grade PC free plastic. The machine is available in different models and they also accept OEM manufacturing orders to meet the precise requirements of their clients. One can learn more about the hydrogen water machines by visiting the website

About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer of Air Purifier, Car Air Purifier, Water Purifier, Water Dispenser, and Hydrogen Water Maker. The company focuses on producing environmentally friendly home appliances, with a commitment to promoting the cause of development of the motherland and to improve water quality. They take care of customer services, patiently listen to them, understand their needs, and provide them with accurate quality products and services as well as value-added solutions.

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