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Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking

Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking
Air purifier for us to remove some of the harmful substances in the environment, but in general, the effect of a good air purifier products will be more obvious, you want to buy air purifier friends can look at the top ten air purifier in 2015 Brand ranking.
Air purifier top ten brands 1. Philips
Philips is derived from the Dutch brand, its brand history is quite long, Philips small appliances in the industry is quite well known, regardless of appearance or performance are one of the best, but the Philips product prices are relatively better than Generally higher product.
Air purifier top ten brands 2. Midea
Midea brand known throughout the country, I believe that the products used by the US friends know that no product performance is very good, it is important to purchase the United States and the product is quite assured.
Air purifier top ten brands 3. a step
A step is made of domestic air purifier brand, a better understanding of the needs of domestic consumers, consumers can use to create a good use of the brand, a step in the domestic market is now getting better and better.
Air purifier top ten brands 4.Sharp / Sharp
Sharp / Sharp’s home appliances in the global visibility is also high, the air purifier products also have many advantages, the price of the product and other brand products price difference is not great, is a worthy of consideration brand.
Air purifier top ten brands 5. Malata
Malata is well-known home appliance brand, but also small appliances pilot enterprises, Malata products in terms of design and overall performance is not lost on international brands, among the top ten brands of air purifier.
Air purifier top ten brands 6 Odio
Odio is the world’s leading air purifier pilot enterprises, and now the world’s first intelligent solar air purifier is still the Odio all, is the world’s only one, enough to witness the brand’s strength Odio.
Air purifier top ten brands 7. Ruibao -Blueair
Ruibao – Blueair is derived from the Swedish air purifier brand, a high profile in foreign countries, Ruibao – Bu Ruya Seoul may be in the domestic market penetration is not very high, but I believe that consumers more The understanding and understanding of Ruibao – Brumaire, will be recognized it.
Air purifier top ten brands 8. Honeywell honeywell
Honeywell honeywell be regarded as high-grade air purifier brand, products from the inside to the outside show high-quality, this from the United States brand in the country occupy a lot of market share.
Air Purifier top ten brands 9. Di Mei Di is the world’s first in the field of one of the enterprises, and now Di’s design team is also the world’s first in the field of professional research team, human technology is the biggest advantage of the United States One, combined with mature technology, making it in the industry have no small influence.

Olansi Maintains Its Reputation In Being A Leading Air Purifier Service Provider

Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer
Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer
China. Guangzhou, CA 11010
China, (September 27, 2016) - The air we breathe decides the quality of our life! This is where air purifiers come into use and opting in for a generic service provider would mean cutting out on the advanced features. This is where Olansi has been able to make a huge difference with its wide range of air purifiers that ranges from home air purifiers to specialized air purifiers meant for children. The company has been effectively managing everything from incoming material inspection, the product process inspection as well as the final finished product inspection very cautiously in order to ensure increased customer delight.

In addition to all this, Olansi has a specialized Control Department that takes complete onus of all the activities and initiatives taken that ensure product reliability and longevity. The company’s wide range of product portfolio comprises of an advanced range of air purifiers, air cleaners, Hepa air purifier, air purifier for mold, odor, pets, dust and the like. That isn’t all. The company also gone a step ahead and have created innovative air purifiers for allergies and other critical health conditions like Asthma. In addition to that, there are also air purifiers for smoking that is high on demand in the commercial sector.

Established in 2009, Olansi as a company has undergone several changes till now. The company’s objective is to come up with leading edge and revolutionary air purifiers that add value to the modern day lifestyle. For this the company is innovating constantly and has been adding to its existing product range.

About Olansi
Founded back in 2009 and situated in Guangzhou City, South China Olansi is a leading name in the arena of advanced and new age air purifiers.  This company enjoys the reputation of being a professional OEM manufacturer and professional air purifiers and specializes in cutting edge devices like China air purifier, ionizer air purifier and many more.

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Media Contact:
Company name: Guangzhou Olansi air purifier manufacturer
Address: Gaosha Industiral Zone, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Email: carlos@olansgz.com

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“Air vitamin” – the benefits of negative oxygen ions from Air purifier

“Air vitamin” – the benefits of negative oxygen ions air purifier
Air Purifier Prevention: produce reactive oxygen. Negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the body to effectively prevent “Air conditioning disease.”
Improve lung function: inhaled oxygen carrying negative oxygen ions, the lung can absorb more oxygen 20%, while breathe out more than 14.5% of carbon dioxide.
Promote metabolism: activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism.
Enhanced disease resistance: able to change the body activeness, active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity.
Improve sleep: negative oxygen ions can boost people’s spirit, work efficiently , can also improve sleep, a significant analgesic effect.
Bactericidal function: negative ion generator will also produce small quantities of ozone when releasing a large number of negative oxygen ions. The two combined can more easily adsorb viruses, bacteria, to cause changes in the viruses and bacteria structure or energy transfer, resulting in its death. Dust sterilization to reduce the hazards of passive smoking more effectively. Can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, to protect human health.

Natural air purifier from china manufacturer

Natural air purifier from china manufacturer
1,Aloe – pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaner
Potted aloe vera with an air purifier reputation experts. Pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaners, can absorb formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances. Especially formaldehyde absorption particularly strong. Experiments show that: In four hours light conditions, a pot of aloe vera can eliminate one square meter of air in 90% formaldehyde.
2, Dripping Guanyin – clear the air of dust
Dripping Guanyin scavenging air dust effect. However, it is worth noting: dripping Guanyin stem poisonous white sap, drops of water is also toxic. Inadvertently touching or eating its juice, can cause throat and mouth discomfort, stomach burning sensation. Special attention should be eating to prevent young children. It should be noted that in place of the reach of children.
3, Rubber tree – the elimination of hazardous substances rounder
Rubber tree is a versatile eliminate hazardous substances. In the air of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other harmful gases have a certain resistance. Rubber trees but also to eliminate particulate matter pollution, indoor dust can play an effective role in the stagnation of dust.
4,Asparagus – destroy bacteria and virus protection umbrella
Aromatic plant asparagus contain antibacterial ingredients that can clear the air of bacteria and viruses, with health care function, so releasing the smell of asparagus has bactericidal activity of beneficial bacteria.
In addition, the asparagus has high medicinal value. Digging its fleshy roots washed above the dust dirt, dried or fresh-use spare; leafy branches used with mining, have lungs cough, cooling blood detoxification.
5, Maidenhair fern – the most effective biological “purification
Maidenhair fern can absorb about 20 micrograms of formaldehyde per hour, it is considered one of the biological “purification” of the most effective. Workers day and paint, paint to deal with, or there like smoking, should be placed at least a pot of ferns in the workplace. In addition, it can inhibit the release of computer monitors and printers in the xylene and toluene, so for the whole day in the office work white-collar office workers, place pots of ferns at the desk is the best and simple.
6, Zongzhu – remove heavy metals pollution and carbon dioxide
Zongzhu functions like Monstera. Belong to the same large-leaved ornamental excelsa plant can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases, purify the air. Zongzhu while also eliminating the ability of heavy metal pollution and sulfur dioxide pollution has a certain role in the resistance.
Of course, as the huge leaf foliage plants, their biggest feature is the general plant can not match the digest carbon dioxide and produce oxygen function.
7, Spider plants – air can absorb 95% of the carbon monoxide and 85% formaldehyde
Spider plants to carry out photosynthesis in the faint light, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and air can absorb toxic and harmful gases. Chlorophytum pot 8-10 square meters room on the equivalent of an air purifier. Usually in the room raised 1 to 2 pots Chlorophytum can release oxygen for 24 hours, while absorbing the air of formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens.
8, Lucky bamboo – bedroom for healthy plants
Lucky Bamboo can be improved without regular window ventilation room air quality, regulate indoor humidity function. Especially in the bedroom, Lucky Bamboo can effectively absorb emissions, reduce the radiation of electronic products, so that the privacy of the bedroom environment improved. Lucky Bamboo while the color was dark green or green to help people’s physical and mental pleasure.

How to maintain air purifier

  1. The pre-filter (typically back cover) after using for a long time, will gather some of the dust, thus affect air inlet and air purification effect. Therefore, need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust, or use a rag to clean up, or even water to wash.
  2. The air purifier filters,some of the filters need to be periodically exposed under sun to better maintain the purification efficiency, such as activated carbon filters.
  3. Deodorizing filter, some brands’ odor removal filter can be water washed. Can maintain longer filter lift time by washing filters with water.
  4. The ion generator, generally it is built-in, does not require cleaning, ion generator with good quality can , it’s efficiency are high.
  5. Air purifier dust filter dust collection plates need regular cleaning, general cleaning once a week. Wash dust filter or collection plates with soap, install it after they are dry to keep the airflow smooth and sanitation.
  6. Need to clean fan or electrode when they accumulate certain amount of dust. General maintenance every six months. Use long-haired brush to remove dust on fan or electrodes. When the air purifier is not in use, should clean it and then packed into the box, stored in a ventilated, dry place. Usually should pay attention to moisture, so as not to reduce the efficiency due to damp or damaged.

Air purifier purchase skills with the cleaning and maintenance tips

Outside, the air we breathe, with factories, car exhaust fumes, haze is also very serious, so many people will have respiratory disease. That hid in the house would not have to breathe the air of poor quality bar, indoor air pollution is the same serious, it can not be ignored. Today we take a look to buy an air purifier and air purifier share tips to clean and maintain.
Buy air purifiers skills to share
1, according to the selected space air purifier. If you’re in an area where a relatively large amount of wind air purifier should be chosen as large as possible models, which can introduce products through judgment and choice.
2, consider an www.oemairpurifier.com
security. Air purifier housing, movement and purification technology related to the safety of the air purifier. Purification technology is best found in nature as positive and negative ions.
3, note that the air purifier works. Purifying are: physically, electrostatically, chemically, negative ion mode, and composite mode. Under normal circumstances the principles of simultaneous use of multiple purification purifying effect will be even better.
4, air purifier life and ease of maintenance. In order to prolong the life of the air purifier, buy air purifiers have time to select a playback function of purification and filtration bile.
Air purifier to clean and maintain
  Air purifiers and water purifiers, like, need to be cleaned regularly, and some need to replace the filter, consider the gall to maintain its purifying effect. Air purifier maintenance and maintenance, depending on the needs of different brands, different types of air purifiers to be.
Air purifier dust filter dust collection plates or regular cleaning, general cleaning once a week, or the foam plates with a dry cleaning soap after use, to keep the airflow smooth and sanitation. Fan, when the upper electrode more dust, to be clear, general maintenance once every six months. Available long-haired brush in addition to the electrodes and the dust on the wind vane. When the air purifier is not in use, should be cleaned after put into the box, stored in a ventilated, dry place.                       Usually should pay attention to moisture, so as not to reduce the use of efficiency due to damp or damaged.
Basically every day in sleep eight hours or so, in addition to work, time at home is more than 10 hours and choose an air purifier, to create a comfortable home environment for themselves and their families and keep healthy. These are on the optional air purifier small series presentation skills sharing and an air purifier to clean and maintain content.